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TGN or its meaning the Trust Gaming Network was born in South America under the direction of a long-established management and a solid base in the online and in-person poker industry.

Marito Mortadela comments: "While participating in events around Latin America and sharing the tables with colleagues in the field, identify the need for a network that listens to the player, that meets their expectations and that participates in their growth both in the recreational and professional environment. .. "

It is then that TGN was born introducing to the Market a different business model with its main objective: "to lead the market by offering a product thought by poker professionals for the poker-loving public".

At TGN we have an operational team consisting of players and industry professionals whose task is to think for and for the players.

TGN brings a variety of products to support the commercialization of the product, such as: Rake races, a loyalty program that encourages not only our players but also our affiliates and business partners. We dedicate long days to offer a schedule of unique tournaments that include satellites to our live face-to-face events that make up our tour, the TGN Live Tour in unimaginable locations.

TGN operates hand in hand with IgSoft, first-class software with state-of-the-art functionalities and constant updates always in PRO to offer the best service to the user from your personal computer, mobile phone and any other available technological device. Igsoft has a sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG) that ensures a random result for all our online automated games. The latest generation collusion prevention and detection tools guarantee a safe gaming experience.

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